The NETRONIC vest is a new development of the company, which can be used as an alternative to the headband or come along with it, creating more realistic conditions for the game. The vest is made in two colors – classic black and pixel ones.

9 hit zones

netronic vest
The number of hit sensors was increased to 9 in the new version of the vest. Each sensor is equipped with a separate microprocessor and works independently of the others. If an opponent hits one of the sensors, the affected players can accurately determine where they were wounded with the help of vibration and light indication.

Inversion mode

This mode allows you to select the initial state of the LEDs. If the game takes place in the daytime or in a well-lit room, select the standard LED mode, in which the sensors initially do not light up and begin to glow only when an opponent hits the player.

During the evening or in dimly lit rooms, switch to inversion mode of the vest , in which the LEDs are initially in the active state and glow with the team color, and if the opponent hits one of the hit sensors, they will flash white for a short time. This mode was created to prevent injuries to players.

Wear-resistant vest materials

The NETRONIC vest is made of wear-resistant material CORDURA MAXI of a density of 1200 g/m2. This material not only retains well its shape and has a long resource of strength, but also is very convenient to maintain. The lining of the vest repels moisture and does not absorb odors. When the game is over, just wipe the lining with a damp sponge and the vest is ready for use again.

Adjustable size of the vest

Thanks to the adjusting straps located on the vest, its size can be adjusted, it comfortably fits both adults and small players. The vest does not constrain movement, and is also practically not felt on the body during the game. The total weight is only 700 grams – this makes it the lightest vest in the industry.

Protection against accidental shutdown

To turn the vest on or off, you must hold the power button for 3 seconds. This eliminates the possibility of accidentally turning on the vest during transportation or unintentionally turning off the tagger by the player during the game.

Vest control

You can control the vest, turn the power on and off remotely using software. The laser tag gun and vest are connected wirelessly.