The Utility Box (UB) is an indispensable attribute of many laser tag gaming scenarios. The device by LASERTAG.NET can operate in 4 modes: “Respawn”, “Radiation”, “Medkit”, and “Random”.

When active, the Universal Box sends a pulse at regular intervals, called time steps, which adds or decreases health points (“lives”) of the players within its reach.

Utility box LASERTAG.NET

The outside surface of the device is equipped with 5 infrared emitters to completely cover the playground, the power button, and the battery charging socket. The UB top panel has three LED mode indicators.

Configuring the Utility Box

Set, control and change the Utility Box modes with a remote control. To do so, turn on both the UB and the remote control using their power buttons universal-point-2 .

Upon power-on, the UB lights up one of its LEDs and the speaker produces a series of short beep sounds, preset for the mode selected the last time. The remote control itself should be pointed as if “into” the Utility Box.

The “New game” button on the remote control cycles through the Utility Box modes. For example, on first power-on, the red LED  lights up ( matching 1 icon). This corresponds to the UB in the Respawn mode. The three following signals indicate the “Respawn” mode time step of 30 seconds. This device configuration replenishes health of all players within its reach (approximately 5 meters) every 30 seconds. It is recommended to place the Utility Box set for “Respawn” behind a bunker, so it is positioned out of the direct line-of-sight of players in the field.

When a player replenishes his health, the headband stops blinking and the speaker plays the message: “GO-GO-GO!”

The next pressing of the “New game” button on the remote control toggles the UB into the “Radiation” mode, lighting up the blue LED (matching 2  icon) .

In this mode, the device emits a pulse in a preset time step causing 1 point damage to the health of all the players within the “exposure” area. All affected players will hear a sound from the rifle’s speaker similar to the noise of the Geiger counter, while the rest of the gear reacts in the same way as when hit by the opponent’s gun shot.
The next pressing of the “New game” button activates the laser tag Utility Box “Medkit” mode, which is indicated with the green LED (matching 3 icon).
Each pulse generated by the device in the preset time step adds one health point to all players nearby. The gun’s speaker reports: “MEDKIT”, while the headband RGB indicators respond with a flash of light in the team’s color.
The fourth Utility Box mode is the “Random” one. When selecting this mode, one will see the white LED (matching  4 icon).

When in this mode, the point will randomly switch into the “Respawn”, “Radiation” or “Medkit” modes.

The time step for the pulse generated by the universal point is configured using the remote control too. Each pressing of the “double life” button will increase the step by 10 seconds, while the “change team color” button will reduce it. The maximum time between the pulses is 90 seconds, which will cause nine sound signals and flashes that the universal point produces when switched on or being reconfigured.