The company is one of the first manufacturers of laser tag equipment that started to use a Wi-Fi connection between game kits and control devices.
A Wi-Fi connection is faster, more stable and more resistant to interference in comparison with a traditional radio channel. You don’t need the Internet connection to run the game and that allows to play almost anywhere.

Thanks to Wi-Fi technology we managed to combine game kits and additional scenario devices on one network which allows you to set the parameters, control the game and create scenario in a few seconds through only the software.

Therefore, only one instructor is involved in running the game, who can control all the devices using Android or Windows application.

Big coverage area

wi-fi technologies in laser tag
A high-power router Wi-Fi signal covers a radius of more than 120 meters – that is enough for the simultaneous coverage of 2-3 laser tag arenas. Coverage area may be extended up to an area equal to 4 football fields, repeaters are used to assist. There is no need in buying certain equipment from the manufacturer, you can just buy routers and repeaters at any electronics store.

High data transmission speed

The online statistics are broadcasted very fast and clear, thus all spectators can see the real picture of a laser tag battle online.

Immunity to radio interference

router and powerbank

The Wi-Fi signal is fully protected from radio interference. A radio based connection can be interfered with or interrupted by a radio set from security and other equipment. Interference from a radio base signal is especially common when used in indoor laser tag. Shopping and entertainment centers use a large amount of radio devices that cause interference. There won’t be such problems with Wi-Fi, since this signal works at a higher frequency.

Work in offline mode

Wi-Fi technology is a perfect decision for running outdoor games. A power bank is perfectly suited for a router working in offline mode. Going this way, you can run games both in a forest, in an open area or in any other place where there is no electricity.

Remote control

Wi-Fi signal allows to you wirelessly apply firmware and control game kits. When using a radio base for reflashing game kits, you need to use a special cable. Simultaneously update 10 game kits via the Wi-Fi takes no more than 20 seconds.

We integrate the most reliable and safe technologies into the laser tag game which makes the game interesting and simple to control.