The LASERTAG.NET Wi-Fi radio base is an all-in-one solution for running laser tag games both indoors (with a stationary control station) and outdoors.

The standard radio base makes game control and operation much easier. It eliminates excessive fuss associated with the customization of laser tag equipment and game kits when using a remote control. The availability of a Wi-Fi radio automatizes game control process and decreases labor cost for a rental business operation.

The Wi-Fi unit does not require to be bound to the host computer/laptop to control the station because now the operator can control the game with a tablet or an Android OS smartphone, following the game process and even participating in it. It’s a cool touch to the game, isn’t it?

Let’s take a closer look at the details that make this small yet very practical device worthy of your attention.

Operation and technical details

The first thing to note is that the Wi-Fi technology is used for a reason. Unlike the Bluetooth one, it offers a number of advantages crucial for laser tag gaming: stable connection, interference resilience, and good data transfer rate and communication range.
The LASERTAG.NET Wi-Fi radio base is equipped with a 700 mA/h built-in battery, extending its performance up to 24 hours. The notebook itself can also power the base if you directly connect it via a USB port. Such a combined use of a smart-phone and notebook significantly increases the up time of the base when used in the field or other rugged conditions.

The base is designed to simultaneously control and configure as many as 200 laser tag kits within a distance of up to 100 meters, while the range may be significantly increased using a retransmitter. Note that it is still possible to configure and control the equipment via the infrared port.

Device features

When using this device you can easily “Add X health points”, “Add X ammo”, manage the “Pause/Unpause” commands, “Toggle fire power”, “Rapid fire”, “Medkit”, etc., and you can adjust the volume of messages and sound effects, customize or replace the preset sounds. You may also upgrade or replace the laser tag kit software and see the detailed game statistics and events online.

Lower costs and fewer employees

The more staff members you involve in a game management and hosting process, the greater costs you bear to pay wages and arrange workplace. Now, when equipped with an Android smart-phone, all the management, equipment configuration and training can be done by one person not confined to his or her work station. Everything you need – game statistics, game management, equipment configuration – can now be done with your smart-phone.

User-friendly software

The high efficiency of the radio base contributes to the ease and convenience of the operation. This is exactly what we had in mind when developing it. All you need to do to get a game control station on your phone, is to install the special LASERTAG.NET software, switch the base on, and connect to it. The application interface is simple and intuitive. Yet, if operator has any questions, there are tooltips and a built-in user manual to guide him through the process.

All these benefits offered by the LASERTAG.NET Wi-Fi radio base make it a reliable and highly efficient tool for all our customers – both start-up and already existing laser tag businesses.