Netronic Talks: Unveiling the Battleground Orlando Experience

Netronic Talks

Enzo shares his experience of cooperating with NETRONIC for 3 years

The strategic equipment choices in location-based entertainment can be the key to unlocking greater profits and revenue streams. Enzo, the next hero of our NetronicTalks video project, represents Battleground Orlando – the premier Indoor and Outdoor 6-field advanced laser tag facility in Florida, USA. Discover how his expertise in choosing the right manufacturer translates into tangible gains and sustainable growth in the competitive entertainment market.

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What advantages does Enzo emphasize in Lasertag.Net (part of NETRONIC) equipment? Firstly, the lightweight design of the gun, making it particularly easy for kids to handle. Secondly, the recoil feature, which adds an extra layer of immersion for players. And last but not least – the captivating sounds.

Enzo's recommendation to newcomers and other market players is to pay special attention to hiring the right staff who ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment during the game.

“Laser tag is 100% profitable. Once you get the equipment, whatever you put in, once you get that back, it’s just straight profit, up and down,” says Enzo.

NetronicTalks serves as a dynamic platform where industry entrepreneurs come together to exchange experiences and insights, fostering knowledge-sharing within the global landscape of location-based entertainment.

5 – 7 Mar 2024
Dubai World
Trade Centre
Stand 3-C28


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